It is paramount to provide a workspace that fosters the feeling of ownership and positive micro climate. With the TableAir Smart Workspace Sanitation module, empower your office to be a unique environment where employees care about their surroundings and cleaning staff is provided with a smart and efficient tool to plan cleaning process.



Free and clean

Free but requires sanitation

Business advantages of having self aware staff


Cleaning can be done by employees if instructed correctly.

Some of Japanese schools have a practice when kids clean their dishes after having a lunch. This has been an inspiration for TableAir behind a smart workspace sanitation module.

Making work efficient.

With a clear indication which workspaces require sanitation, cleaning staff can see which desks needs to be cleaned and which can be skipped. Also employees themselves can choose the workspace that is sanitised or clean it before using themselves.


Using it as software only
Wondering how this looks when using w/o sensors?


Remote work equals an increase in productivity.

Employers today are grappling with an existential question for the ages: “If I don’t see my employees working, are they?” The ability for employers to trust their teams, even when they work out of the office, could be key to driving more productivity than ever before. 

Software only or using NFC, RFiD card

If you prefer using NFC cards, cleaner or user simply scans their ID on the sensor and the desk is marked as clean to use.​

Works both for meeting rooms and desks.

If software only version is used, user simply clicks on the workspace and is prompted to answer if the desk has been cleaned.

Once the workspace is cleaned, it will be indicated as regular vacant desk. Everyone is welcome to book - provided user is included in corresponding group that has access to the selected workspace.

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In 2 weeks


Training using the system

In 24 hours


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