Nowadays we are used to ‘on-demand’ services and this is what is expected in workplace as well.

At the same time, people tend to subscribe to a ‘effective-sharing’ rather than ‘exclusive-ownership’ mindset. By placing an emphasis on the user rather than the chooser we developed a solution that is intuitive and foremost, loved by the people using it daily.


Let the wellness of your employees take center stage with TableAir Cloud.

Sit-stand program – access is not enough. Give people information and a tool to develop a standing habit and add value to your furniture.

Sitting and standing height profiles – desk sharings robs people of their personal space. Bring back the feeling of ownership and personal space with height settings.

Standing program

Through its unique connection to sit-stand desks, TableAir can help your employees feel healthier and more comfortable at work.


Our bodies are meant to be moving, and sitting all day is proving to be the new smoking. Companies are trying to combat this problem by buying standing desks. The reality is, however, that 80% of desks are not being used correctly.


By combining the TableAir booking system, our SB sensors, and sit-stand desks, TableAir can increase your office wellness and help your employees get the most benefit out of their desks.


All users can set their own default sitting and standing heights that the TableAir system will remember no matter where the user is working.

Compatibility - sensors SBU plus, SBU plus lite and SB1 are currently compatible with Linak Deskline actuators powered with CBD6S control boxes. TiMotion is currently compatible with only the SBUplus. Compatibility with Logic Data is coming soon.


Our next generation of sensors will be able to track mechanical sit-stand desk usage as well. The entire TableAir cloud system is designed to support a wide variety of desks, with the aim of increasing employee well-being, whatever desk is being used.

Citrix reports 89% of organization will use mobile work styles by 2020. The most prevalent concept of Activity-based workplace is great, but there's always room for improvement.

Utilization analytics – have a better understanding of how your spaces are used , facilitate new office layout decisions and have the most powerful tool for planning occupancy.

Sit-stand desk usage analytics – electric or mechanical sit-stand desks – we can tell you how often people sit and stand. We believe soft nudging is a powerful tool to achieve desirable company-level goals, and letting people know how often they take use of equipment their company provides them with can be a strong motivational tool.

Gentle reminders - the app will remind you when it's time to change between sitting and standing positions.


If the workspace has a compatible sensor attached to it, the user simply needs to trigger a switch via the app and the desk rises automatically.


Easy setup - no complex settings required - set your preferred height and select how familiar you are with working while standing. The app will take care of the rest!


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Training using the system

In 24 hours


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