TableAir App

Organize your day in the office, book meeting rooms and desk on your phone.

An intuitive TableAir Smart Office application will be the most beloved workplace tool in the pocket of every employee. Visually aesthetic design will enable people to quickly navigate through office, find their colleagues and reserve conference rooms or any other shared resources.


Desk and meeting room booking – resource sharing coordination tool

Quickest way to locate available desk or meeting room and make a reservation – from any place and any time!

Colleague and wayfinding tool – quickly navigate through office

Zoom in, zoom out, switch between venues, cities, offices – both, office hoppers and office anchors, will appreciate this tool.

Personal ergonomics coach
Sit-stand program is an optional tool every employee could use to assist themselves in reaching their goal of developing a habit for ergonomic sitting and standing. Gentle nudges through push-notifications will gradually adapt to every person’s preferences and fitness levels.

Bringing back personal office

TableAir app is available on all recent iPhone and Android devices. The app is your passcard. Download from iTunes here and from Google Play store here

Personal settings allows people to set their prefered sitting and standing heights. Every desk in the office with embedded TableAir sensors will remember employees preferences. Serving as the fastest way to adjust table’s height, this feature also goes well with personal ergonomics coach.

In 2-4 weeks

1st period revision

In 2 weeks


Training using the system

In 24 hours


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