Smart sit-stand desks

for​ your office.

Are you looking for end-to-end solution?

TableAir Classic 1.5 is a smart sit stand desk with integrated sensors, engaging LED lighting, wireless charger and a hook for your backpack.


It was the first smart sit-stand desk that we've build and have been polishing ever since. TableAir Classic 1.5 and it's future versions encapsulates how the future of the office looks like. 

Looking for a customisable simple option?

TableAir Light is a modular smart sit stand desk with an option to build from various accessory.

I features a slim tabletop with Smart Button 1 controls and a number of additional items that can be connected to it.


For when size and elegance is not negotiable.

TableAir Eagle's Nest 1.0 is a smart sit stand desk for an executive officer or for a high level meetings of up to six individuals. As a standard within TableAir smart desk range integrated sensors, LED lighting and wireless phone charger comes seamlessly embedded into the workstation.

When interactive touchscreen and ergonomics meet.

TableAir Kiosk 1.0 is a touchscreen device mounted on a mechanically adjustable M-collumn. Six axis of freedom to move the Kiosk around the offices with the ability to set the screen at a most ergonomic angle makes TableAir Kiosk one of the most versatile interactive screens on the market.