Smart Button 1 and TableAir hardware sensors

Sensors can sense when employees are at their desks, control electric sit-stand desks remotely, and indicate if workspaces are vacant or occupied. We're constantly analysing and testing our sensors to make sure that they continue to meet our high-quality requirements.  All TableAir IoT (internet of things) sensors are designed and developed with a 4 core ideas being embedded into design, development and production cycles:

  • Security
    With ever growing number of wirelessly connected devices  in offices, the so called attack surface has increased more than ever. Our sensors offer strict, and secure networking architecture that would securely integrate into your IT network. SSL encryption and WPA2/WPA-Enterprise WiFi authentication means our sensors offer one of the highest security standard within a smart office sensor segment.

  • Serviceability and scalability
    Easily replaced, monitored and remotely controlled sensors make a big difference, when you've got a fleet of hundreds or thousands of them to be managed. We offer over the air updates, easily replacement possibility and ease of use. 

  • Ecology
    We prize ourselves as a company that allows our customers to reduce RE related costs and minimise carbon footprint as much as possible. This thinking is also embedded into our technology. Instead of using batteries, that need to be changed every few years, we opt-in for a system thats powered from power outlet. This also gives us flexibility to utilise already existing WiFi network or connect to our own internet backbone.

  • Innovation
    The products we offer are one of a kind. We are under dogs, looking and innovating in areas not touched by others before. In our innovation lab at Vilnius, Lithuania,  we build a range of products that offer unique functionality to the TableAir Cloud system.



Occupancy detection

Sit-stand desk controls



NFC RFID authentication


We provide support for clients who wish to use TableAir sensors in an environment where WiFi Enterprise networks are operational. The following 802.1X authentication methods are available:

    with client configuring username and password via TableAir application.

    with client certificate update via TableAir application.

Smart Button 1

Smart Button 1 (SB1) specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE

  • WiFi 2.4 Ghz (b/g/n)
    WPA2/WPA-Enterprise WiFi authentication

  • Embedded RJ-45 connector

  • Unique Identifier

  • D75,5 H47,1

  • OTA (over the air) firmware update

  • Height sensor

  • Integrated push button

  • LED connector

  • CE certified


In addition to all of the SBU's features, the SB1 offers a unique interface mechanism for electric sit-stand desks. Simply activate the sensor by placing your hand above the sensor, and it will sense the distance to your hand- adjusting the desk to meet that height. This is a premium product, designed with the premium client in mind. Connect to a control box as indicated bellow.


NFC RFID Reader (NRR) specifications:


  • NRR is a contactless smart card reader developed on the 13.56 MHz contactless technology.

  • NRR is designed to support MIFARE, ISO 14443 Type A cards and NFC tags (other standards can be supported upon request).

  • 1m data and power cable​.

The NRR device is designed to work as an accessory to TableAir Cloud system. It allows of easy authentication of users in offices that use NFC or RFID cards. The device also works throughout the tabletop top. Simply touch the card next to the NRR and the user will be identified.


Your office, our technology.

TableAir Cloud is a seamless software and sensor system that helps elevate your work environment into a smart, agile and responsive space. ​ 

✓  Desk and meeting room bookings.

✓  Meeting room signage display.

✓  Occupancy analytics.

✓  Desk and meeting room IoT sensors.

✓  TableAir touchscreen kiosk.

✓  Realtime interactive floor map.

✓  User, workspace groups and permissions.

✓  Multi language support.

✓  iPhone and Android app. 

✓  Multiple venues and time zones.
✓  Book now feature.

✓  Locate a colleague.

✓  Autorelease desk and meeting rooms.

✓  Sit-stand desk analytics.

✓  Standing program for sit-stand desks. 

✓  Integration with Office365 or other calendar systems.

✓  Private data security.