The most successful companies implement a simple working method that helps both sides - remote work policy.

Researchers have predicted that the remote work will cover the companies globally, there are weighty arguments for the implementation of this too.

If the nature of your business requires one to work at the office, please make sure the appropriate social distancing law is in effect. You can just as easily manage social distancing in TableAir as well.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of remote work for both employees and employers.

Benefits for employees

Remote work allows for better work-life balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is top of mind for so many employees. The ability to balance these two worlds has become the key to feeling happier and more productive while working. 


Remote employees have more freedom.

Need to take a quick trip to dentist or be home in the afternoon? A traditional employee would need to request time off in order to do so. But a remote employee can still clock in from home or a regional headquarters at their destination, as well as check in, as needed. Employees enjoy the freedom of remote work.


Being a remote employee promotes employee well-being.

Working remotely can improve the health and wellness of employees by reducing stress, and keeping clear of sick colleagues can be effective in reducing the common cold. 


Business advantages of having remote working teams

Remote work equals an increase in productivity.

Employers today are grappling with an existential question for the ages: “If I don’t see my employees working, are they?” The ability for employers to trust their teams, even when they work out of the office, could be key to driving more productivity than ever before. 

Working remotely saves companies money.

With fewer people in the office, companies can condense their real estate footprint, allowing for more efficient workspace usage

Remote work makes businesses more competitive.

Regardless of product, mission, or business goals, it’s the people that drives business success. The ability to attract and retain top talent is a key differentiator in today’s competitive business world. Remote work can play a positive role in this arena, offering a sense of personal recognition between employer and employee.

Other benefits

  Increased transparency that shows to the team when an employee is available.

  Foster productivity and create a ‘work’ mood, by providing people a tool to schedule their work day.

✓ Ability to schedule lunch breaks, so people are not disturbed during their break.

✓ During the quarantine schedule and see who is working from the office, schedule shifts (for various tasks that require people to be at the office).

✓ At the end of the quarantine schedule bookings of workspaces, see when and who is coming back to office.

✓ After quarantine is finished use the same system for desk, meeting room bookings and remote work scheduling.

✓ Super charge your digital transformation efforts with allowing staff to work remotely.

Using it in practice
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