What does "heat" and "maps" have in common?

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Occupancy Heatmaps - a unique combination of heat and maps and TableAir occupancy sensors!

It's been a highly anticipated request by many users. We are extremely excited to share with you an occupancy heat maps functionality. With this addition a further enrichment of an Analytics module of TableAir Cloud system is continuing... and there are no plans on stopping here.

Every administrator, who has an access to TableAir system, will now have an ability to determine the most used workspaces with a glimpse. The occupancy data gathered with TableAir sensors is providing an invaluable insights on the actual, physical usage of the office space.

The heatmaps feature also brings us a capacity to identify the RSSI strength for each occupancy device with an ease. It will show you the strength and the status of the sensors, directly on the floor plan.

The unique part of TableAir system is possibility to transition to a desk booking environment straight after. Start with an analysis - see how many desks are actually used, then enable the desk and meeting room bookings on the same account. Simply add remaining colleagues to the user list and you're ready to upgrade your office.

As usual, please refer to user manuals to get the ins and outs of the usage of the freshly baked functionality.

Heat maps
TableAir heatmaps

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