A higher class security for desk bookings: TLC-NRR LEGIC

Reliable partners can help to reach the stars! This time we are reaching them with LEGIC Identsystems Ltd. For over 25 years, LEGIC products have enabled companies from around the world to deploy solutions with demanding security requirements. TableAir has become one of them.

Access cards are not going to disappear anywhere soon and having a Desk Booking system that is integrated with LEGIC Security Platform opens doors (literally and figuratively) to assist a safe return to a flexible way of work.

We have integrated one of LEGIC Security Platform solutions - SM-6300 chip into the Traffic Light Circle (TLC) and now we are adding a new product - TLC-NRR LEGIC into our TLC versions assortment (TLC NRR, TLC NRR Keypad). This security standard is very popular in the DACH region (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) so we will be looking forward to serving more clients in this area.

The new product - TLC-NRR LEGIC will be installed in our German partner’s ASSMANN office. ASSMANN employees have the opportunity to check in at the tables with the existing LEGIC Prime Standard RFID transponders and to confirm their bookings.

In summer 2020 ASSMANN opened a revamped showroom in Melle, where the TableAir’s system of remote workplace booking is integrated. Spread over roughly 900 square metres, the newly designed ASSMANN Forum presents the immense diversity of modern working environments. From “Flexible Office” and “Open Space” to “Healthy Office” and “Collaborative Work” - innovative solutions for varied office organisation strategies can be experienced live. Even smart office trends are vividly presented, because smart office solutions open up totally new options in our day-to-day working lives. No matter whether they involve intelligent, pre-set office workplaces or sensor-supported programming systems – work is becoming ever more flexible in terms of space and time.

We are very glad to have a chance to offer a higher class Desk booking security for Germany and other markets as well.

You can learn more about LEGIC Security Platform here.

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