Remote work it is!

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

While the COVID-19 is disrupting work schedule globally employers roll over their heads how to increase the productivity and make works scheduling more user-friendly.

Some of the most successful companies implement a simple working method that help both sides - remote work policy.

Researchers have already predicted that the remote work will cover the companies globally in a few upcoming years, there are weighty arguments for the implementation of this too.

Why would you need to book remote work?

It's not that easy to transfer to working from home when just yesterday employees were benefiting from a productive and energising work environment. People tend to loose focus a little bit easier and distractions at home are much more impactful.

If a decision is made by company to enrol into a remote work booking people usually plan their work starting time, makes note for a lunch break etc. Other times it's clearly indicated that the employee is working and is expected to pickup a phone or answer messages immediately.

Second of all, many employees are provided with laptops, so it is easier for them to connect into the work environment, but at the same time enjoy the coziness of their home office. Obviously, many can mention it as a distracting factor, but studies suggest it's all about the motivation of the individual. On the other hand, some people tend to use coworking spaces of cafes, where they can just change the environment but still stay at closer proximity to their home - this might be not possible during mandatory stay at home (during quarantine) but once things get back to normal the system can be continued to be used.

Remote work also rises productivity. Researchers found out that people tend to be more productive being outside the office for at least 4 hours a week (during normal business time), than those who are stuck by their desks for the whole week. It lets workers to manage their daily schedule more productively which makes them happier and in the end increases outcome of entire company. Those who work with the flexible schedule, evaluate their productivity at the highest level, because the surroundings leaves a space for the creativity and does not construct any tension.

Lastly, mentioned working practice is stress-free. Employees do not necessarily have to commute when for example it's hellishly hot outside, their managers are not looking over their shoulders or there are no noisy colleagues nearby. Employees can allot their time conveniently without office-noise and do the tasks more accurately. TableAir is one of those companies that support the remote work due to its benefits. Within this in mind, we have released an ability for people to book the time whenever they’ll work remotely.

In that case managers and other colleagues are able to see when you aren’t in the office. Also, it can be integrated together with a Slack that can inform colleagues about your plans to work remotely.

To see how this looks in the practice, please have a quick glimpse at the functionality offered by TableAir:

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