Reliable partnership for successful business: TableAir & IAdea

Let your employees organize their work day. In the office and at home! Check-in to the reserved desk with a TableAir QR app - it's easy and simple.

Behind every successful business there is a strong team and reliable partners which can give support when needed the most. TableAir is happy to have a strong partnership with IAdea which produces secure and beautifully illuminated screens for our Guest management system. These smart devices are not only stylish and good looking in our clients modern offices but also functional tools for inviting and managing our clients’ offices guests.

Together with our partner IAdea we can offer smart workplace solution that allows:

  • Frictionless Guest Management

  • Integrated Outside Guest Invitation

  • Support of various access types (w/o cards)

TableAir™ Guest screens can be hung on the wall or can be provided together with a simple yet robust stand.

Find more about our collaboration with IAdea in the presentation below.

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