With COVID-19 virus threatening from everywhere around, the nature of work has changed and the main principles of the working routine have to be adopted accordingly. One of such new workplace concepts that TableAir is offering for its clients now is a Hot desking system.

TableAir’s Hot desking solution is successfully functioning in many Europe’s leading ventures. One of them is STUART - on-demand logistics company which operates in three countries and office facilities: Great Britain (London), France (Paris) and Spain (Barcelona).

After finding our company on Google STUART staff contacted us with a purpose to know more about a Hot desking application. The real experience of using our Hot desking demo version allowed the client to make a final decision for the collaboration.

According to the client's particularity and geographic placement, we have prepared the Hot desking system with the foormaps of three different international offices which contain 182 bookable desks. The app was installed and launched in all facilities of three different countries at the same time. 370 employees (including Spain, Great Britain and France) started working with the system.

Being very glad with STUART’s success story, we have made a short survey of their employees' opinion to know more about our app’s advantages that are valued the most. So below we would like to share the results of our research.

80% of employees say it is Time saving - employees can quickly, with just one click book an available desk in 3 different countries and cultures. 80% of employees say it is Easy to use - employees use the Hot desking app though their mobiles or computers, so they don’t need additional equipment and everything is accessible with one click. 50% of employees say it Feels safer - employees know which desks are occupied and which are available for safe working without too many unnecessary interactions with other colleagues. 50% of employees say it is Convenient - employees can clearly understand which desks are available and which are occupied for the requested reservation time. 80% of employees say it is Easier to manage office facilities - now employees go to the office with the clear reason and the main one is to have face-to-face meetings with colleagues/clients.

So thanks to TableAir’s Hot desking app our client’s employees are happy to be back at work and to meet the colleagues more frequently.

We're very happy to have an opportunity to assist companies and people go back to normal way of working and if you see any interest for your organisation, we would encourage to book a demo call with one of our smart workspace specialists.

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