Democratising the workspace: TableAir QR module

Let your employees organize their work day. In the office and at home! Check-in to the reserved desk with a TableAir QR app - it's easy and simple.

​QR Check-In module is a cost-effective way to check-in to the desk. It is a cost conscious alternative for desk sensors. The management will always know when the employees are physically at their workplace and will be able to analyse the demand and manage the supply the resources of the workspaces.

TableAir’s QR Check-In module can be used in the office space as well as in the home office. The ability to check-in and to check out allows to set clear boundaries between work and life and becomes an online and offline status indicator for other colleagues.

As a proud administrator of your TableAir teams account you can manage the QR codes effortlessly - simply generate the PDF file and print it directly from your browser.

Alternatively get in touch with your account manager and they will gladly prepare a stickers shipped directly to you. The stickers will be printed on quality vinyl paper as shown on the photo on left.

Also the module can be a safe alternative for other check-in options because the only device the employee needs is the mobile phone.

The app is fully compatible with iPhone and Android phones!

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