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Our engineering and developers team is always fully engaged to tailor our web and app products to keep the clients satisfied. We've got a ton of updates for you... So what’s new?

Google login

Currently you can connect to the web or app with the Office365, but we continuously increase a compatible authentication methods for the convenience of customers. Now it will be possible instantly to login with Google.

Android and iPhone app update:

Find a colleague Now you will be able to locate your favourite co-worker in couple of seconds! On the web, app or either kiosk by pressing on the name your colleague will show up on the floor map with the name and an exact place, so you won’t need to run errands to find him/her.

Edit meeting room bookings From now on it will be possible to edit the dates and timing of the meeting room on the app. If there is a need of a meeting time/date change while you are on the road, it will be easily changed though TableAir app.

Meeting room app:

Auto update Nevertheless, all the needed updates will be made automatically and there won’t be any need to do it manually on every device.

Book now

If needed, you will be able also to disable the “Book Meeting” button if you only want to see the availability of the room without booking it on the spot.

Stay updated with TableAir new releases, because more to come soon! Let’s stay connected and if there are any questions, contact us on hello@tableair.com