There it is… We’re pushing in another gear with TableAir

We’re pushing in another gear at TableAir, and introducing you TableAir Quattro. A new addition to our smart sit-stand desk range. For all of those who already own and love their TableAir Classics or have it under their wish list – Quattro is an alternative to be considered. Double the power and double the size – perhaps, that is, a better option to go with? After all, sharing is caring.

As first customers already have theirs dispatched, we encourage you to have a look at the features Quattro is bringing to the table.

With Quattro we continue our longstanding tradition of obsessing about quality and its details. As with TableAir Classic, both glassy and warmer wood surfaces remain as an option to be selected. Two separate socket boxes and two wireless charging stations, two accessory hooks – Quattro is developed for extreme comfort for two, and equally well balanced for four. Place this in your most under-utilised space and see people flock to it. It will, without a doubt, take a centre stage in your workplace!

LED ambient will become a way for expression, fun and engagement. Country flag mode will turn your meeting space into an invincible conversation starter and the level of attention to details will radiate quality and high calibre!

As TableAir, with Quattro we just took it up a notch – now it’s your turn, order yours now at