In the vortex of Vakbeurs Facilitair and Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019

This year TableAir had an opportunity to participate in two well-known exhibitions and present own production with the new and exciting features.

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Surrounded by the most clean Scandinavian lines and shapes, TableAir introduced visitors with the TableAir Classic 1.5 height-adjustable desk. Together with Tronhill, desks adorned the fair and represented Lithuanian brands.

Sleek design, comfortability and simpleness was everything needed. In addition, TableAir have presented new features of a desk, such as wireless charger, the hook and rounded-corners. It was hard to believe, but there were more than 50.000 visitors!

Vakbeurs Facilitair

This tradeshow for TableAir was exceptional, because we had an opportunity to present the workplace and meeting rooms reservation system.

Together with other leading companies, TableAir had a chance to showcase technology, which helps companies to save up to 20% spendings on real estate and improve time management together with administrative order in the office. The stand was decorated with the

meeting room, floor plan, tablets, traffic lights, smart buttons and other technologically advanced office management features.

TableAir introduced everyone with the system which helps companies to expand the number of employees while maintaining the same number of sq. m. and desks.

In the future TableAir is planning to attend more exhibitions and will wait for you to visit a stand, if constant technology improvement for a workspace has your interest!