Everything changes... again

This year for TableAir was fulfilled with ideas and innovations. Every part of the team was flown into the process of creating something magical.

Even Arthur C. Clarke once mentioned that

“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

By this inspiration, we are ready to present you two new products that might change your game in the next year.

TableAir Classic 1.5

With TableAir Classic 1.5 we’re bringing in a couple of small but meaningful details for your comfort.

First of all, the design is more sleek with rounded edges.

This improvement gives the feeling of one-piece material that has been polished until perfection. All parts are joined through lego like connectors so the light is radiating evenly around all the edges of the desk.

A bag or headphone hook to make sure there’s less clutter on your desk or floor.

Another exciting advantage that will never leave your phone with 1% of battery - integrated wireless charger. All smartphone users supporting Qi standard will be grateful for this feature.

We’ve also strongly improved the Smart Button. Now both light tabletops will have a white Smart Button to match their color. The button now works faster and with better precision.

More here: https://goo.gl/hf77Y7

TableAir Eagle’s Nest

What about bringing the luxury and a new habit of standing into your meetings? That might seem unusual, but TableAir team created an executive desk, which will not only give the impression, but also decrease meeting time.

According to Toyota’s management team, daily morning meetings take less time and it has been proved that meetings, where people stand, take less time and are more productive.

If you prefer, the Eagle’s Nest can be used as a one-person workstation, that can keep all your work tools in one place.

It contains the same features as TableAir Classic and intrigues with its dark oak material. It is not only a design, but a passion of engineers, technicians and other employees, that connects everything into one piece.

Find out more here: https://goo.gl/eBHsra

You can also see this stunning design in the latest video:

Leaving golf club behind and moving on...

TableAir Kiosk 1.0

As you probably now TableAir is a proud creator of a smart office TableAir Cloud system - designed for desk and meeting room bookings. One of the latest products we've released in the range is the TableAir Kiosk 1.0

Activity based working is becoming viral in every corner of the world, TableAir have created a booking system for it to ease the process and always have an available space for a requested time.

Together with a web and app booking capabilities, it was also possible to book through the kiosk. It used to be just a software version but now we’ve decided it’s time to release a physical product as well that can be reachable as soon as you enter your workplace.

TableAir Kiosk is a great tool for desk or item reservation in case you forgot to reserve your desk or running late for work. It features a mechanical M-column that can help you choose the perfect height as well as angle of the touchscreen - suitable exactly for your office. So, it will be pinpointed ideally in every corner of the lobby. Moreover, if used together with a caster system, it allows an easy position and angle. Regarding the reservation system - TableAir Cloud, The TableAir Kiosk 1.0 comes already pre-setup - the only thing you need to do is turn it on and enter your credentials.

How to use it?

It’s very simple and fast way to use it. You just get to your work as usual, stop by the TableAir Kiosk in the lobby. Simply choose the desk or a meeting room that you want to book, set up the time interval, pick your guests and book it. It also enables anonymous desk booking, so you don’t have to reveal your name. Also, this device is perfect for companies that have no policy of issuing smartphones to the employees or utilising BYOD policy.

Placed in the lobby Touchscreen Kiosk provides an opportunity for employees to easily glimpse at the current occupancy of the office and manage desk and meeting room bookings. It is a definitely fun way to keep everyone productive by changing workplaces and having even more pleasurable device for reservations. More on the kiosk: https://goo.gl/wKutZp

Thank you for reading through, for any additional questions please contact us at hello@tableair.com or with your local dealer of TableAir.

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