Major TableAir Cloud update

Team TableAir been busy working this summer so we're extremely happy to finally introduce a major TableAir Cloud update.

From today, you can create and use meeting rooms, meeting room tablets (Android and iPad), bookable items, and TableAir Kiosk modes. See all of it in action in the videos below:


Meeting rooms

Finally it arrived! All TableAir Cloud users can manage their meeting room bookings from the same platform.

Create a meeting room on the web:

Create a meeting booking via web and invite guests:

Create a meeting room booking via app:

Setting up a meeting room display on an Android tablet:

TableAir Meeting Room app available to download for free on an iPad from Appstore and for most Android tablets on Google play.


Bookable items

For any item that is being used by multiple employees and needs to be pre booked you can create a bookable item and your colleagues will have access to it's availability calendar:


TableAir Kiosk

Allow anyone, even without a smartphone make a booking on a touchscreen kiosk, placed in the office. Create a kiosk on your web platform:

Then log in to a kiosk account on the touchscreen device itself:


To summarize, new TableAir Cloud release includes:

  • TableAir Meeting Room App for Android and iPad

  • Kiosk mode

  • Bookable items

  • Updated TableAir App for Android and iPhone (ready for iPhone X)

  • Ability to update minimum sit-stand desk height

Do not hesitate to book a live demo of the entire system here