Why You Should Decorate Your Office for Christmas

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. Unless you’re still so addicted to Pokemon Go you don’t look up from your phone; you will have noticed the streets into work are decorated with festive lights and the shops’ Christmas displays are in all of the windows around town. You’ll have even put the Christmas tree up in your house by now, but should it stop there, or should you bring the Christmas decorations to the workplace?

An office can be a very dull and boring place with the pale coloured walls and the black or grey office furniture, so why not bring a bit of colour into the workplace and deck up ready for Christmas?

For many of us Christmas is an exciting time of the year, as we will get time away from work, therefore giving us the freedom to see friends and family. Many of us will receive gifts from loved ones and tuck into a scrumptious Christmas dinner.

Christmas decorations can brighten up any dull office due to their bright red, green and gold colours, but what are the other benefits to putting decorations up? Here are the reasons why you should put up Christmas decorations.

A Simple Team Building Exercise

Instead of leaving the Christmas decorations for your employer to put up why not chip in and work as a team to deck up the office instead. This is a great opportunity to get away from your computer screens and take a bit of a break from your daily workload.

Depending on the size of your office you could get other colleagues involved too. This will take you all away from your desk and it will give you the chance to talk to people you wouldn’t usually have the chance to.

Putting up Christmas decorations makes you work as a team, as you will have to work together to find the decorations used in the previous year, decorate the tree and decide what should go where around the office.

Boosts Employee Morale

As you spend the majority of your day and week at work, morale can dampen as you start to feel like you are never away from the office. When morale in the office is at a low, you are guaranteed that the workflow is slower and can even be riddled with errors. Christmas decorations can boost employee morale.

It is known that a good office design can boost office morale, but so can Christmas decorations. Putting up Christmas decorations takes you back to your childhood when Christmas was the most exciting time of the year, where you would wait for Father Christmas to come down the chimney to deliver all of your presents. Having that fond memory when you see a Christmas decoration will fill you with cheer and bring back that exciting feeling.

This feeling will brighten anyone’s mood and is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. This will encourage a much happier workforce and is great for the office dynamic, as people will then associate their office with this feeling and will enjoy coming to work.

Brings Life Back Into the Office Space

Unless your office is really cool, full of bright colours and unusual rooms, Christmas decorations will be welcome relief in an office space that is basic and has a dull colour scheme.

Decorations will give the office that much needed pop of colour and brighten people’s spirits due to their totally transformed workspace that is now their own Santa’s grotto.

If you don’t want to buy Christmas decorations why not get the office involved in creating their own decorations from materials found around the office? This could be done as a team building exercise or as just something fun to do to ensure you are taking a break away from your computer screens.

Christmas Is a Time for Giving

Keep the festivities in the office going by giving back to your colleagues. Bringing Christmas themed treats in such as mince pies will keep the team happy and fulfilled. It also encourages your colleagues to communicate with one another over a short break while sharing something to eat.

Doing a Secret Santa is very popular in many offices across the world as it gets the whole office involved. This is a great way to spread Christmas excitement throughout the office as there is an element of surprise as to what you will receive from the unknown Secret Santa.

Spreading Christmas cheer across the office is extremely beneficial as it encourages communication. Employees will feel appreciated if the employer recognises them and is allowing them to enjoy the build up to Christmas.

Due to this recognition and the sense of appreciation, employees will be willing to work harder and get on with their workload whilst being able to enjoy the festivities such as putting up decorations and doing a Secret Santa, because at the end of the day, this time only happens once a year therefore you should be able to enjoy it.

Overall Christmas is a time to be happy and to take a look back at the year that is almost over. Festive decorations within the office is a reminder that we were all once children and that this time of year is special and should be celebrated. Even non-Christians can appreciate the message that it is the time for giving and thinking about others.

There are plenty of ways to decorate your office so stop being a Scrooge and get that bare workspace looking festive.