Is Your Office Environment Toxic? Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Viruses? They make you sick. Bacteria? Of course. But there are other sources of illness that you might not even think about.

Take your workday world: Sure, co-workers can bring in viruses and bacteria that get passed to you. But the actual environment around your desk can be something that’s making you sick.

So-called “sick buildings” may actually be harming up to 25 percent of workers. That’s because those buildings aren’t getting enough outside air, or they contain harmful materials. Those two things can create irritation and harm in people, too. The symptoms range from simply feeling tired to being sick to one’s stomach or suffering allergic reactions.

The first step in remedying any office toxins is to document them: When do they happen and how long do they endure? You must also figure out if you’re the only person experiencing symptoms. This graphic walks through various symptoms and steps you should consider.