Partners program

Most successful businesses are built on solid foundations – relationships are at the heart of it. TableAir Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model makes sure you're periodically in contact with your client, and when the time for an upgrade comes, you're the first in line.


Introduce new, recurring payment stream in a brick and mortar business. Expand your existing portfolio with state of the art smart workspace system integrated into your products offering.

Occupancy analytics – give a tool for your customers to track how their new furniture and office space is being utilized. Own the sensors and provide the occupancy analysis as a service.


Issue reporting – decrease your maintenance delivery time.


Desk and meeting room sensors – free daily occupancy study made available.


Sit-stand desk usage analytics – inform how well company's investment into employees health is paying off.

Sit-stand program – access is not enough. Give people information and a tool to develop a standing habit and add value to your furniture.


Sitting and standing height profiles – desk sharings robs people of their personal space. Bring back the feeling of ownership and personal space with height settings.

For office furniture manufacturers and design build companies

Are you a producer of office furniture? Our sensors range in a variety of types to accommodate different needs for different furniture that's manufactured by you.

The sensors can be easily integrated (or retro fitted) into electric or mechanical sit-stand desks, as well as fixed desks, meeting rooms and break out areas. All is combined into a sensors + software package. You and your client can be stress free, we'll take care of the rest. Please contact us to discuss potential partnership opportunities.



Sensors as a stand a lone product

Creating your own smart building system? We provide our sensors as a stand alone product as well, so they can be integrated into your own private system.

Should an API that can be integrated into your software package is required, please contact us to discuss potential partnership opportunities. 

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