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Remote work

Hybrid work can be an operational nightmare. Rely on an easy workspace booking solution and manage your office frictionless.

Hot Desk​


Organize your workday on your phone. Locate the available desk and make a reservation - from any place and any time! Quickly navigate through the office with the wayfinding tool and find your desk or even colleague.

If you have not arrived at the desk yet or just left for a short break - the traffic light will clearly display to others that the desk is booked.

TableAir App iphone

Smart Parking

Book your office parking space online! A smart and cost-effective way to manage employee and office guest car parking.


Meeting Room Screen

Manage your meeting room bookings:

  • Pre-book the meeting room on the Web, App, or Office 365 Outlook calendar.

  • Book a meeting room on the spot with dedicated signage display and get a clear visibility of meeting room availability.

  • Use meeting room sensor for a better user experience - if no one shows up after some time, the meeting room occupancy will automatically be canceled.


Check-in via BlueTooth, NFC, RFID cards or QR codes

Make wasted office space a thing of the past. With automatic BlueTooth check-in you'll be able to ensure that all your work-points are actually in use.  And if check-in is not made, the work-point will then be released for others to use.

If you already use NFC or RFID cards at your office, hook up TableAir NRR device to allow employees book their desk on the spot by simply touching their card to the reader and the workspace will be booked. It also works with meeting rooms and kiosk devices. To checkout of the desk, simply touch the same card again and the desk will be released for others to use.


QR Check-in

QR Check-In the cost-effective way to check-in to your workplace. Let your colleagues organize their work schedule quickly and easily: be it in the office or at home

TableAir Kiosk

TableAir Kiosk is a touchscreen version of the system that is running on a big display and allows users to see availability of the office in real-time. If set by administrator, it could also allow employees to pre-book a workspace or meeting room, find a colleague in a large office space. 


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