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TableAir software, QR codes and occupancy sensors will assist you with your digital transformation efforts.

TableAir ensures people can book their desk, meeting room or remote work from anywhere.

TableAir app is available on all recent iPhone and Android devices. The app is your passcard. Download from iTunes here and from Google Play store here

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Remote work policy

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Groups and zoning
Clearly indicated work-point status with Traffic Light

Clearly indicate if your workpoint is in use with Traffic Light. Traffic Light is a LED light that is attached to the sensor. It will clearly display if the workpoint is booked - even if the person has not arrived to the desk yet or just left for a short break.

TableAir Cloud - the perfect solution for activity based workplaces

Attach TableAir sensors to any work-point you want employees to be able to book and it will automatically appear on the TableAir App and Web. Allocate colors to certain areas in your office to indicate what activity is being done where.

The TableAIr workspace booking system is a sensor and software system that enables employees to book their workspace from any device, anytime, anywhere. The sensors transfer data via WiFi so no communication cables are necessary. And all that's needed to power the sensor is a simple USB cable. A POE version of the sensor is also available on demand.

You can integrate TableAir IoT sensors into your workspaces and allow employees to pre book them via the TableAir App. Every desk will have a LED identification light that shows if the workspace is available or currently booked.

Primary Booking module purpose is to enable employees to pre-book desks, meeting rooms or other bookable items in the office in accordance to best ABW practices. Locating a free desk upon entry to the building is a secondary feature that is supported by TableAir sensors. All of the information is displayed accordingly on a floor plan via digital signage, mobile app and kiosk.

Integration of systems such as MS Exchange, Outlook, Skype for Business, Google calendar and others are possible for an additional fee and are designed case by case. TableAir booking module has an API available for when specific requirements have to be met. 

The TableAir Cloud system is designed in a way that allows multiple roles for administrators, owners and regular users of the system to be interacted in accordance to a level of permission set by the creators of the company accounts. The booking module also features out of the box analytics dashboard.

When installing the sensors into existing office it's a simple matter of Velcro strip and adhesive tape that allows sensor to be attached and removed from the desk in a matter of few minutes.


When it comes to Meeting Room bookings a specially developed TableAir Meeting Room application can be installed and launched on basically any recent Android or iPad tablet device. You can do a booking on the spot, schedule it upfront on kiosk, app or web browser.

Support model, updates and training is described in a SLA that is signed on a project by project basis.

Groups - both, for users and for workspaces

With Groups you can group desks and meeting rooms and select which team members are allowed to book them. This feature gives ample room to tinker with your office dynamics and solves some key fundamental problems of unassigned seating in a hot desking environment. 

  • Make sure your key people always find a space (for example, you can now group meeting rooms and allow only your management to book them)

  • Making sure your silent areas remain silent in activity based workplace (don’t allow sales teams into engineering corner)

Check-in via BlueTooth, NFC, RFID cards or QR codes

Make wasted office space a thing of the past. With automatic BlueTooth check-in you'll be able to ensure that all your work-points are actually in use.  And if check-in is not made, the work-point will then be released for others to use.

If you already use NFC or RFID cards at your office, hook up TableAir NRR device to allow employees book their desk on the spot by simply touching their card to the reader and the workspace will be booked. It also works with meeting rooms and kiosk devices. To checkout of the desk, simply touch the same card again and the desk will be released for others to use.

QR Check-in

QR Check-In the cost-effective way to check-in to your workplace. Let your colleagues organize their work schedule quickly and easily: be it in the office or at home

TableAir Kiosk

TableAir Kiosk is a touchscreen version of the system that is running on a big display and allows users to see availability of the office in real-time. If set by administrator, it could also allow employees to pre-book a workspace or meeting room, find a colleague in a large office space. 

Integrate wellness solution

TableAir has been created to provide the most intuitive setting for sit-stand desks powered with Linak deskline linear actuators.  The system's SB1 button will automatically save the user's setting and return to it each time that user has logged in. 

TableAir Meeting Room Screen

With TableAir Cloud you can manage your meeting room bookings.


A dedicated signage display will allow you to book a meeting room on the spot and will give a clear visibility of meeting room availability.


If the meeting room is equiped with TableAir meeting room sensor - even better user experience will ensure the meeting room is never empty and booked.


Also employees will be able to pre-book the meeting room on the TableAir Web or App or Office 365 Outlook calendar. 

TableAir Guest Screen

When booking desks and meeting rooms one should never forget a tremendously important part of our daily office lives - guests. Seamlessly integrate guest and visitor management into your smart office solution.

Smart Parking

Book your office parking space online! A smart and cost-effective way to manage employee and office guest car parking.


Hot desking

Although the price per sq. m. in skyrises of London, Beijing, Singapore, San Francisco and Manhattan has seen a dramatic rise in the past couple of years, it’s still far off the cost of an additional working station in a nuclear submarine. Nevertheless, there are many great other benefits as to why companies are turning to hot desking.

It is important to distinguish differences between open plan offices, activity based workspace and hot desking. All of these elements are usually a perfect addition to each other. ABW in a nutshell describes which areas (usually in the open-plan office) are dedicated to 3 main activities: Focus work, collaborative area and process work. Hot desking is simply a way companies decide to manage the shared resources as almost no one will have a dedicated workspace.

Also allowing your workforce to have a few stay-at-home days per month or providing the opportunity to do part of their creative tasks in a new stimulating environment is a productivity boosting approach to modern work.

Once remote work is part of company culture, it’s only a rational next step to implement hot desking principles. Once people start sharing desks and navigate through their office, meeting colleagues from marketing or operations departments and learning about

new projects company is taking on different fronts, the so-called the spontaneous cross-pollination of ideas is taking place and engagement levels go up.

However, this type of working principles have an opposing forces working too. As the amount of desks does not necessarily match the number of people using them, employees can get stressed that next day they will not find an open seat for their job. This in turn has a disciplinary effect, and fits organizations that want to become more mature and have their people take the responsibility of getting their job done, which with hot desking also means making sure their workspace is booked in advance.

How to improve open plan office?
Winning formula requires a mix of activity based work and hot desking

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​Because of TableAir modularity, we are able to provide solution, tailored to make open plan office workBook a desk or a meeting room effortlessly and enable activity based workplace... Designed with

a focus for users and with a flavour of analytics for management.


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