Guest Screen

TableAir Guest screen is a module that enables a frictionless guest management at the office.​


Upon arriving to the office visitors will see a TableAir Guest Screen placed at the reception. A first impression matters a lot!

Choose the use flow that suits your organisation needs. TableAir Guest Screen can run on major signage displays. They can also be procured directly from TableAir or a separate vendor.

A few examples on how it can work for You


The Guests dashboard

With the TableAir Guest dashboard you will be able to see live status of the current status of all guest in your office premises.

Filter, edit and analyse the activity as it changes. Assign access cards and allow guests to navigate within the permitted areas. Sort the entries by following and other parameters:

  • Pending – the external user was invited to a meeting but did not yet accept or decline the invitation

  • Accepted – the external user was invited to a meeting and has accepted the invitation

  • Declined – the external user was invited to a meeting and has declined the invitation

  • Removed – the entry was removed by an admin using the Actions field

  • Tentative – the user tentatively responded to a meeting invitation

  • Checked in – the external user has checked in to the office using an NFC card

  • Checked out – the external user has checked out of the office using an NFC card

Screenshot 2019-10-22 at 09.11.52.png

Integrated outside guest ​invitation capabilities

An omni channel approach of TableAir Cloud ensures that both - your employees and outside guests will benefit from integrated system usage flow.

Simply pick a meeting room, select a meeting time and participants. They can be internal colleagues and outside guests.


Depending on the flow you'll choose the guests will either get a 4 digit pin or can use the access card to check-in and check-out of your premisses.


TableAir Guest Screen can be provided together with a state of the art - simple yet robust stand. 

If you wish to hang the Screen on the wall please contact us and receive specifications for the equipment. The only limit - is your imagination.

The supported access card types
by IAdea WRP-1000-H and TableAir Guest Module


Access card scanning is just one way of checking in and checking out of the office. If your preferred to use the system w/o access cards, TableAir can also support such user flow.

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Training using the system

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