Are you planning a headcount expansion? Relocating or simply looking to reorganize one of your biggest expense lines – real estate? At every point in time, approx. 20% of all employees are absent from their workspace. Utilising this absence can lead from 20% to 50% of annual workspace cost savings.

Occupancy analytics – have a better understanding of how your spaces are used, facilitate new office layout decisions and have the most powerful tool for planning occupancy.

Even if you're not planning to implement ABW or hot-desking systems, with TableAir cloud and sensors you're able to track the usage of individual workspaces.

Sit-stand desk usage analytics – do people make use of  sit-stand desks your company recently acquired? Are company’s wellness goals being achieved? Have a numbers-based statement and support for company’s investment decision into employees health.

You no longer need to guess if your sit-stand desks are actually being used. Analyse the real situation in real time to find out which desks are being used most.

Issue reporting – easily track and manage all maintenance requests.


Multiple venues and time zones – have an overview of all your premises in one convenient place.


Return on Investment – we can provide financial analysis on annual workspace cost saved to support investment and budgeting decisions.

Desk and meeting room sensors – add additional layer of accuracy on how each workspace is being utilized.


Wellness - employees can track their personal progress on how they're standing-sitting routines are improving.

Venues - if you have more than one venue, compare their day to day usage to gain a bird's eye overview of your business.


Booking analytics - track and follow patterns of when people are booking their desks. 


Meeting rooms - over 40% of planned meetings fail to happen - see for your self what the real utilization rate is.

Data - all data is stored and protected on secure Amazon Web Servers or locally at your office.


Download a CSV of the most valuable data

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Occupancy heatmaps

See at a glimpse, which desks and meeting rooms are being utilised most often

Analyse visually the busiest areas in your workplace.

WiFi strength indication for sensors (RSSI) - see a distribution of network availability throughout your workplace.