About the TableAir Team

Composed of software and hardware engineers led by a team passionate in workplace innovation, we rely on our combined strengths to produce reliable electronic technology that delivers user centric experiences. All of our software and hardware products are designed and developed in our innovation lab in Vilnius, Lithuania - learn more here.



CEO & co-founder

The intersection between design, tech and office space has always fascinated me. I love hiking, traveling, meeting new people, and occasionally painting.




You can never distinguish advanced technology  from magic. 



Sales Director

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. 
Passion. Challenge. Don't wait.

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Production manager

We have no problems – only challenges.

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Information and security comes hand to hand.




The more I live, the more I question.

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Full stack developer

Data is not everything, meta-data gives the meaning.



Junior mechanical engineer

Nothing is invented. The only thing you can do is to observe, discover and connect dots.



Electronics engineer

I like old maps, so I spend time collecting digital copies of them. I also like rock music; in the summer I go to rock music festivals. But I don't eat chicken:)

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Testing and Support

Every large system that works started as a small system that worked.

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Marketing Manager

You can’t be anything you want but you can be everything you are.

Official partners

We're happy to have reputable partners in many regions that can supply TableAir Cloud products and introduce the system to you directly. Feel free to contact our official affiliates in your corresponding area:


TableAir Benelux

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg




Arki Group

UAE, Turkey, Middle East



Lithuania, Latvia


Fleximation Systems

United States, Canada


MC Associats


If you would like to acquire one of our smart sit-stand desks, please find a dealer near you on our website dedicated solely to smart sit-stand desks.

Company details

Email: hello@tableair.com

Correspondence and registration address:

TableAir UAB

Akademijos g. 4, floor 4,

Vilnius, Lithuania


Company no: 303867351

VAT no: LT100009422412

Production and deliveries:

TableAir UAB

Mokslininkų g. 12, floor 2,

Vilnius, Lithuania



2014 - CEO and co-founder Lukas has spent over 10 years working as a User Interface and User Experience designer, sitting for most of the time while at the office. His neck started hurting and he decided to built his own smart sit-stand desk. Together with childhood friend and co-founder Justinas they built a prototype desk that attracted a vast news outlet attention and led to first sales.

2015 - Investment from leading Baltic venture capital firm Practica Capital was raised, which allowed to assemble a team of world class engineers, desk was converted into a certified serial product and selling through distribution channels was launched. The desk is still in production and can be purchased at www.shoptableair.com


2016 - The feedback of the market dictated that technology is appealing to furniture manufacturers as a stand alone product, therefore a concept of SB1 was born. We wanted to supply a component that would help furniture manufacturers transform any desk into a smart office desk. 

2017 - Together with the smart desk technology, a need for a desk and meeting room booking system was growing stronger. Intensive development of the entire booking system proceeded. Signed first partnership agreements for technology integration. Launching installations of hundreds workspaces.  

2018 - Expanding the smart office product offering with meeting room and mechanical sit-/stand desk sensors,  continuing with new product certification. TableAir joins a large office furniture holding when majority of the shares is acquired by Midform Group. TableAir becomes a go-to provider for smart office technology with a focus on booking system, expanding client portfolio with Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees.

2019 - Extensively collecting feedback from the market and expanding TableAir partner group with new resellers in Asia and North America. Launched first NFC and RFID readers.

2020 - Acquiring ISO27001 certification. During the quarantine adapting the system to assist companies return safely to office. Helped a company with 7000+ employees start working in a new normal with social distancing and contact tracing. Also introduce remote work module and sanitation state. Launch an updated and improved flagship product - Office Sensor.

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