3-2-2 is the new 9-5

The way we work has changed for ever - so did the best way to organize it. Forget the antique work day that starts 9 and finishes at 5 and welcome 3 days at the office, 2 working remotely and 2 days free. 

With TableAir omni channel system, manage remote work, desk, meeting room, parking space booking, guest management and workspace analytics. 

Increasing financial savings while reducing carbon footprint 

Employee engagement and wellbeing improved

Recurring real estate costs reduced up to 50%

Gaining the competitive edge

1,000,000+ hours

booked each month

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You'll be in a good company

TableAir is part of an international holding group Midform Holding ApS.
An example of few projects implemented since 2014:

Capital municipality in Europe 700 employees.

Premium TableAir experience for desk bookings with NFC cards and unique heigh adjustable desk controls.

Engineering company in London 180 employees.

Premium location required an agile, easy to implement desk booking solution.

Client is using: Software only version for desk bookings.

"Our motto is "work where it works", you can do it at a number of places: at your own department, outside, at home or at another department. That is the basic idea for the transformation of the town hall in Amstelveen."


Hans Schekermans, project director at the municipality of Amstelveen

Software company in Germany 600 employees.

Multiple locations with a need to launch in couple of weeks.

TableAir was able to offer fastest launch in the market. 

Large German automotive company, over 7000 employees.

Helping accommodate rapid growth at new location.

Client is using: TableAir Occupancy sensors + software system for desk bookings.

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How TableAir works for you?

✓  iPhone and Android apps to book on the go.

✓  Occupancy analytics for desks and meeting rooms.
✓  Realtime interactive floor map.

✓  User, workspace groups and permissions.

✓  Multi language support.

✓  Multiple venues and time zones.
✓  Book now feature.

✓  Locate a colleague on web and app.

✓  Autorelease desk and meeting rooms.

✓  Software only solution.

✓  Sit-stand desk analytics.

✓  Standing program for sit-stand desks. 

✓  Remote work management. 
✓  Data security and GDPR compliance with

     ISO27001 certification.

TableAir touchscreen kiosk will allow your employees to book on the spot.

Meeting room signage display will display real time availability of your meeting rooms.

With BlueTooth; NFC and RFID card      integration we adapt to your existing  infrastructure.

Guest and visitor management screen            makes sure your business makes a good
first impression


Office365Outlook, Google and CalDAV integration.

QR codes will allow a cost effective and simple way to ensure a right person is at the right desk.

🚘 Parking space bookings.

In 1 month


Increased workspace efficiency with TableAir meeting room and hot desking booking software.


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Integrations ⚙️

Supported  synchronisation and user authentication


Office 365 - Cloud based user authentication and option of single sing on.

Google - Cloud based user authentication and option of single sing on.

BambooHR - User synchronisation.

Outlook - Resource availability synchronisation.

Exchange - Resource availability synchronisation.

Access cards - User authentication with NFC and RfID cards including LEGIC standard.

Apple ID - User authentication on the iPhone app.

Available plans



✓  Unlimited users

✓  Dedicated URL for your company

✓  Access to iPhone and Android application

✓  Remote work management


+ Other features


✓  Unlimited users

✓  Dedicated URL for your company

✓  Access to iPhone and Android application

✓  Remote work management

✓  Auto release

✓  Auto booking

✓  Occupancy analytics and heatmaps

+ Other features


✓  Unlimited users

✓  Dedicated URL for your company

✓  Access to iPhone and Android application

✓  Remote work management

✓  Auto release

✓  Auto booking

✓  Occupancy analytics and heatmaps

✓  Kiosk touchscreen

✓  Meeting room signage


+ Other features

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